Personetics, an AI-powered customer engagement and insights platform for banks, raises $85M

  • “‘Banks are increasingly moving from a passive to a proactive relationship with customers, and looking for new ways to help them improve their financial well-being,’ Personetics cofounder and CEO David Sosna told VentureBeat. ‘They are sitting on a wealth of data that can allow them to anticipate their customers’ needs, and Personetics’ AI helps them turn this into personalized insights.’
  • Banks including U.S. Bank, Santander, and BMO embed Personetics’ technology between their front-end and backend systems to analyze customers’ transactions and behavior
  • Founded out of Israel in 2010, Personetics now has offices in New York, London, Paris, Singapore, and Rio De Janeiro, and claims to serve 120 million users via 80 financial institutions in 30 markets.”

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