“From customer service to complex banking tasks” DeepBrain AI implements AI human technology into KB Kookmin Bank

  • “DeepBrain AI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence(AI), announced on the 28th that it has signed a technology supply agreement with KB Kookmin Bank, a leading financial company, and implemented Korea’s first kiosk-type ‘AI banker’ and officially introduced it this month.
  • DeepBrain AI’s AI human technology is a solution that creates a virtual human capable of real-time interactive communication. It implements AI that can communicate directly with users by fusion of speech synthesis, video synthesis, natural language processing, and speech recognition technologies. As a technology that can realize complete contactless service in various fields, banks have the effect of providing a secure counseling service to customers who prefer non-face-to-face in accordance with the COVID-19 situation, and shortening customer waiting time through faster response.”


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