AI Key To Making First-Party Data Work

  • “There is not enough information on how AI supports advertising — just that it does, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told investors and analysts during Alphabet’s Q4 2021 and year-end earnings call. He said extensive AI investments continue to help the company lead in Search quality, as well as powering innovations beyond Search.
  • The top benefits include driving online sales, providing relevant information at the perfect time through the perfect channel; build brand recognition; generate create content; and drive, measure and qualify leads. Only 2.8% did not find a benefit.
  • When asked in which ways do survey participants use AI to improve customer satisfaction, 77.5% said through email personalization, 64% through AI chatbots, 60.7% through product recommendation, 46.1% through personalized ad targeting, 43.8% through dynamic pricing, and 37.1% through better identification of customer segment analysis.
  • The five most significant ways that companies have experimented with AI include facial and voice recognition, 44.2%; personalization, 43%; NPL to generate content, 41.2%; improve customer segmentation and generate real-time offers, 35.3%; and promotions, 27.9%.”

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