Burrow vs Stafford: AWS Next Gen Stats lays out the case for each Super Bowl quarterback

  • “This week, the NFL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) released tons of statistics through Next Gen Stats (NGS) to show how each team made it to the championship game. One of their newest statistics — called ‘Passing Score’ — turned out to be one of the most accurate predictors of success this season.
  • ‘Instead of simply evaluating a quarterback on his passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions, the NGS Passing Score equation leverages the outputs of our models to better evaluate passing performance relative to a league-average, isolate the factors that the quarterback can control, represent the most indicative features of winning football games, and encompass passing performance in a single composite score (ranging from 50 to 99).’
  • ‘Machine learning technology helps to deliver insights never before possible, and we believe the Next Gen Stats Passing Score is the next great example of that. We know it will help fans better understand and engage with the game,’ Helmrich said.”


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