Why Becoming a Data-Driven Organization Is So Hard

  • “First, achieving data-driven leadership remains an aspiration for most organizations — just 26.5% of organizations report having established a data-driven organization.
  • Second, becoming data-driven requires an organizational focus on cultural change. In this year’s survey, 91.9% of executives cite cultural obstacles as the greatest barrier to becoming data driven. As noted, this is not a technology issue. It is a people challenge.
  • Lastly, organizations are establishing the leadership function — in the role of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer — which will provide the foundation for becoming data-driven. However, just 40.2% of companies report that the role is successful and well established within their organization.
  • It has recently been argued that 80% of all new data is unstructured, meaning that it is not easily captured or made quantifiable.

Data-driven companies consistently execute on these three driving principles:

  1. Think different.
  2. Fail fast, learn faster.
  3. Focus on the long-term.”


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