McDonald’s Discovers the Golden Ticket to Making Billions in the Metaverse. Any Business Can Copy It

  • “McDonald’s recently filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, in what indicates to most that the global fast food chain is setting up to open shop in the metaverse.
  • Hidden within the depths of its applications, and beyond the downloadable multimedia files, virtual events, and non-fungible tokens is what McDonald’s is really after: “operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery,” according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, who tweeted about it last week.
  • The seemingly mundane move is smart, and business owners who want to stay on the cutting edge should pay attention. Here are three guideposts that can help inform a savvy strategy to enter–and make money in–the metaverse.
  • 1) Sell what sells for you
  • 2) Meet people where they are.
  • 3) Offer a clear value.”

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