AI and Data Strategy: Where Do They Intersect?

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  • “Nitish Mittal, a partner in the digital transformation practice at Everest Group, emphasizes this point: ‘I can’t stress this enough: data or the lack of the right data strategy is the number one bottleneck to scaling or doing anything with AI. When clients come to us with what they think is an AI problem, it is almost always a data problem. AI depends on viable data to prosper. That’s why it’s important to think about the data first.’
  • Beena Ammanath, executive director of Deloitte AI Institute, stresses quality over quantity: ‘It’s not enough to say you have 20 years of data. You have to have the right data. You may have high quantities of data, but you may not have the quality you need. Many companies don’t have a data architecture capable of pulling in data from different places and cleaning it up so it’s usable for AI technology.’”

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