How are Indian banks adopting digitisation and AI?

  • “In an article by, it is said that India is set to experience the biggest boom in digital banking adoption in the next five years, with a 21 per cent increase in adults with online-only bank accounts. This means that by 2025, there is an estimate that just under 400 million Indian adults will hold neobank accounts. A recent survey report highlights that an estimated 205 million Indian adults already have a digital-only bank account. This number is predicted to increase to 397 million within the next five years.
  • AI in payments: About 40 per cent of payments will be optimised using AI-derived routing models by the year 2025.
  • digibank provides AI-backed Intelligent Banking services to customers, enabling them to manage their finances better, leading to higher engagement, retention, and transactions. Since the AI-powered insights feature within digibank went live in 2020, the bank has seen 47% repeat usage of the feature month-on-month. In fact, digibank is already contributing to about 20% customer acquisition across all our branches, thus complementing the bank’s physical network.”

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