Your company’s AI implementation isn’t perfect — and that’s okay

  • “Larry Clark shared an anecdote in Harvard Business Review that perfectly encapsulates the problem. He spoke with a consultant whose client was making correct predictions about their industry 25 percent of the time. The consultant advised them that an AI solution could get this number up to 50 percent. The team’s executive, however, refused to implement a solution that was “wrong half the time.” A failure rate of 50 percent is, no doubt, enormous in most cases. But it would still have been twice as good as the existing solution!
  • As with every new technology that hits mainstream, the early adopters are the ones who’ll collect all the cash. The good news is that it’s still not too late to get into AI.
  • Companies that aim for perfection too early or still haven’t decided to implement AI will be left behind. Paradoxically, you need to be able to turn down your ambitions and sit with an imperfect solution if you want to end up ahead of the pack.”

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