Business Leaders: Do You Have a Digital Mindset?

  • “Leonardi and Neeley believe achieving a digital mindset requires a level of comfort with analytics. They stress data is not a natural substance. They say it is a misnomer to say data are collected. It is more accurate to say that data are produced.
  • Leonardi and Neeley suggest that having digital mindset means you are data literate and comprehend the risks from the processes used to produce data. Even automated data is not free from error or consequence.
  • To be clear, the issue isn’t having data; it is interpreting data and drawing conclusions from data. To do this, statistics represents the best means for analyzing the underlying data patterns. More specifically, it allows digital workers to draw conclusions about a population from a sample dataset.
  • The speed and scale of change in the digital era makes experimentation a requirement. Leonardi and Neeley say rapid prototyping and data analysis improve internal work processes, products and services. Central to making this work is establishing a culture that embraces experimentation.
  • For this reason, Leonardi and Neeley stress digital transformation isn’t a goal you achieve. It is a means to achieving changing business goals. To succeed, organizations must integrate data silos. MIT-CISRs research finds that 51% of organizations still have their data locked away in silos.
  • Without question, no business will be unaffected by digital transformation and every form of work will be changed. To succeed, organizations need technical resources, but it is just as important to transform the mindsets of business leaders.”

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