Mark Cuban predicts AI will dominate the future workplace: To be successful, ‘you’re going to have to understand it’

  • “Whether you’re an entry-level employee or a CEO, you probably need to understand the internet and mobile technology to succeed. Next on that list, says Mark Cuban: artificial intelligence.
  • artificial intelligence is already beginning to take over the business world. Soon, it’ll become as essential to businesses as personal laptops and smartphones, he said.
  • ‘There’s two types of companies: those who are great at AI and everybody else,” Cuban said. “And you don’t necessarily have to be great at AI to start a company, but at some point, you’re going to have to understand it. It’s just like the early days of PCs.’
  • Last year, Cuban noted on Twitter that five of the world’s largest companies – Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft – all similarly prioritized AI.
  • ‘The brilliance of TikTok – it’s all artificial intelligence,’ Cuban said. ‘[It] uses AI to present the things you’re interested in.’”

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