Why Consumers Aren’t Banking Like It’s Still 2019

  • “Doug Brown, president of digital banking at NCR, told Karen Webster in an interview that banking in the branch is not what it was — but what it will be will borrow liberally from the great digital shift.
  • And in revamping in-person banking, he told Webster, smart automation can improve the experience for credit unions’ consumers. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can boost revenues and reduce costs.
  • About 15% of the population, he said, came into the proverbial fold and embraced digital banking — and they haven’t gone away.
  • Combining Video, Audio and Virtual Assistants. The combination of visual and audio, AI and algorithms, said Brown, mean that banking is getting smarter. And high tech, he said, can improve trust and confidence amid “surge activity,” such as during periods of high economic stress or when, for example, a customer has forgotten a password or has been the victim of fraud.”


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