McKinsey Values Metaverse At $5T Economy By 2030, As Much As $206B From Advertising

  • “Within its $5 trillion tally, McKinsey predicts ecommerce will be the largest economic contributor (between $2.0 trillion and $2.6 trillion), followed by “virtual learning” ($180 billion to $270 billion, advertising ($140 billion to $206 billion), and gaming ($108 billion to $125 billion)
  • McKinsey found nearly six in ten consumers (59%) were actively engaging in metaverse activities today and were excited about the transition of everyday activities to the metaverse, such as shopping for virtual or physical goods (79%), attending virtual concerts and/or sporting events (78%), and exercising using virtual reality (76%).
  • The majority of business leaders (95%) expected the metaverse to have a positive impact on their respective industries within the next five to ten years. Only 31% expected it to fundamentally change the way their industries operate.”

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