Why Do “Data” and “A.I.” Always Go Together?

  • “At its core, A.I. is an algorithm, which in plain English is a process that takes inputs and produces outputs. Much like your car, which is just a hunk of metal sitting the garage until it has fuel to make it go, an algorithm on its own with no data to process can’t make anything useful. In fact, it can’t make anything at all.
  • This means that if you want your company to take advantage of A.I., the first task is getting your data together and in shape. This can be a real stumbling block, according to Phong Nguyen, founder of data science consultancy Partners in Company. “From the client’s we’ve worked with and talked to, the impediments to being more data-driven are usually the basics of having clean, consistent data and it being centralized and secure,” she says.”


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