A deep dive into Capital One’s cloud and data strategy wins

  • “‘At Capital One, we say data is the air we breathe. Companies recognize that the key to success in today’s tech-driven landscape is making use of their data. So, no pressure.’
  • ‘When you combine common tooling and centralized policy with federated ownership, you make it easy for your practitioners to do their job,’ he said. ‘You transform data from something that’s a bottleneck into something that can turbocharge and power your business.’
  • ‘Being able to create more real-time experiences around fraud detection. Being able to level up the skills of Eno, our intelligent financial assistant, has been a huge win. Reducing the amount of time it takes our analysts and scientists to find new data for new projects has been a massive time saver and a massive win. We’ve been able to onboard thousands and thousands of new real-time data streams to the platform, all via self-service thanks to these tools.’”


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