Advance Digital Banking Using AI Is Just One Way Arvest Bank Plans on Utilising Google Cloud

  • “Arvest Bank, a community bank with more than $26billion in assets, announced a five-year partnership with Google Cloud to enable and accelerate its multi-year digital transformation strategy. The announcement follows the bank’s partnership with technology leader Thought Machine, and comes on the heels of its announcement that growth strategist Laura Merling has joined Arvest to lead transformation, technology, and bank operations.
  • ‘The disruption in the financial services industry has only just begun,’ said Laura Merling, Arvest, bank chief transformation and operations officer. ‘Data, insights, and artificial intelligence are the foundation for that disruption, from reshaping credit risk modeling and better supporting underserved communities, to rethinking data driven relationship management. Collaborating with Google Cloud means we will not only gain access to the best tools, technologies, and expertise to deliver community banking in a digital world, but also we will be able to drive sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint by moving to the cloud.’”

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