Challenging Headwinds Loom, Here’s Why Being Data-Driven And Insights-Led Is More Important Than Ever

  • “Sophisticated companies are making good progress connecting internal and external data to create functional insights that can be easily shared and used by decision makers across the business. But two key developments have brought a certain urgency to the question for businesses across the globe.
  • The first is the pivotal nature of this moment for business. Consumer habits and behaviors continue to be shaken up, and longstanding business and operating models disrupted. And with that, we’ve discovered that the ability to use data intelligently to sense and respond to changing market conditions and patterns of consumer behavior has never been more important.
  • The second key development is the rapid advances in real-time data and analytics technologies, specifically artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It means that, rather than simply analyzing what has happened in the past, companies now have the ability to spot new and evolving patterns in the moment.
  • Effective personalization relies on having a cloud-based architecture able to collect and process real-time data to deliver the right contextualized messaging at the right moment through the right channel.”

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