Data is the key to overcoming the ‘new digital divide’

  • “‘It’s very clear that in this environment, which is changing at unprecedented and unexpected levels, that agility and the productive use of data has become more important than ever,’ said Svenja Falk, managing director at Accenture Research
  • Supheakmungkol Sarin, head of data and AI ecosystems at the World Economic Forum, identified four ways companies can tap into data’s value: to establish new revenue streams; to underpin new ecosystem-enabled business models; to deliver richer experiences for customers, users, suppliers, shareholders, and partners; and to drive real-time insights and make better decisions.
  • ‘It’s about democratization — getting data out to the broader organization, understanding what data means, what data we need, what data we don’t know we need yet, and experimentation,’ said Peggy Gulick, director of digital transformation operations at manufacturing company Kohler Co. ‘It’s all about how you get to that next level of using data to truly be innovative and drive advancement.’”

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