“In addition to existing capabilities like note-taking and picture sharing, a new Family Hub upgrade will allow cameras with artificial intelligence to scan your fridge for items, then update its internal inventory on what you have, what you don’t, and how quickly you tend to use up certain items. With that information, the fridge can then help recommend recipes per your personalized dietary preferences, create meal plans based on your current inventory, and prepare shopping lists for everything you might need.”

Lucidworks Acquires Cirrus10, Global Ecommerce Service Provider, To Deepen Domain Expertise and Become A Leader in Digital Commerce Solutions

  • “Lucidworks, leader in AI-powered search, acquires Cirrus10, ecommerce solutions expert with more than 100 ecommerce customers.
  • Lucidworks’ AI-powered search produces relevant results, recommends products that meet customer goals, and predicts shopper intent to create a more engaging experience.”

Robots Take Retail

    • “Walmart is building its robot army as well, and according to this ABI Research release, the company deployed 350 systems for inventory management across its stores in 2019 alone. That’s an average of roughly one robot for each store.
    • By 2025, more than 150,000 mobile robots will be deployed in brick-and-mortar retail establishments, according to an estimation by ABI Research.
    • If installed in all of Amazon’s 55 US fulfillment centers, they could replace more than 1,300 employees
    • And the study found that 64 percent of employees surveyed said they trust a robot more than their manager, with half turning to a robot instead of a supervisor for advice”

    NRF 2020: Retailers Gather at the Big Show to Consider Their Next Steps

    “Retailers are deploying artificial intelligence both online and in-store to help analyze data, deliver unique customer experiences (both onsite and online) and manage their back-end operations. PetSmart will discuss how it is deploying AI to manage its IT operations, and Amazon Pay will discuss the role of voice-based AI technologies in reshaping customer interactions.”

    NRF Big Show 2020

    ‘AI in retail is the next step’: Big Basket’s Hari Menon

    • “For a country with the second-highest base of internet users in the world, India surprisingly falls behind when it comes to the percentage of people who shop online. Today, just 10 percent of the 500 million active internet users in India shop online
    • Kirana (mom-and-pop) stores form 88 percent of India’s retail universe and the motto will be embracing them instead of fighting it out.”

    Illustration: Smaeer Pawar

    Hari Menon

    Co-Founder & CEO