The Future Of E-Commerce

“Future of E-commerce Experience

1. The E-commerce Experience will Transcend The Screen.

2. The E-commerce Experience will be More Personalized.

3. The E-commerce Experience will Include a Lot More Relevant Content.

4. The E-commerce Experience will Shift Toward Better Service and Elevate the Shopping Experience.”

Amazon Saw 15-Fold Jump In Forecast Accuracy With Deep Learning And Other AI Stats

  • “When Amazon switched from traditional machine learning techniques to deep learning in 2015, it saw a 15-fold increase in the accuracy of its forecasts,
  • Mastercard has used AI to…reduce fraudulent transactions by about 40%”

The AI stack that’s changing retail personalization

“With the sheer amount of products being sold online, shoppers primarily discover products through category or search-based navigation. However, inconsistencies in product metadata created by vendors or merchandisers lead to poor recall of products and broken search experiences. This is where image recognition and machine learning can deeply analyze enormous data sets and a vast assortment of visual features that exist in a product to automatically extract labels from the product images and improve the accuracy of search results.”