How AI Lets Retailers Like H&M Hyper-Personalize Their Ecommerce Experience

The North Face

“The popular outerwear brand has a chatbot on its website that recommends relevant products. Using mobile-optimized AI, it narrows down items based on a customer’s needs, which it determines based on a series of questions. At the end, only the most suitable items will be suggested for purchase.” adopts AI to drive growth in small cities, among female users as ecommerce slows

“Zhou Bowen, head of AI at, said the company’s AI-powered SnapShop, which allows users to take a photo of a product and provide identical and similar product recommendations, is helping it grow business in smaller cities and among young female consumers of fashion and beauty products, all of which are growth markets for”

eBay Works to Disrupt Ecommerce at Recent Hack Week

“What happens when over 3,000 employees globally spend a week innovating and reimagining the eBay experience? Magic. This is the word eBay’s Director of Innovation Programs, Nousheen Eslambolchi, uses to describe Hack Week — eBay’s annual week-long program aimed to cultivate new ideas and disrupt ecommerce.”