5 Industries That Are Pushing the Boundaries of AI

“These five industries are paving the way forward with AI:   

1. Finance – Automated trading now accounts for about 75% of financial market volume,

2. Healthcare – The model reduced false positives by 11% and detected cancer 5% more often.

3. Entertainment and sports – Spotify use machine learning to act as a personal DJ for millions of listeners

4. Travel and transportation – AI is also making self-driving cars a reality.

5. Marketing – GumGum helps brand marketers use computer vision technology to scan videos and images”


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Dreamforce 2019: How Salesforce is using AI to improve conversion rates and boost sales

  • “For the personalized angle, we’re amplifying our investment in Einstein and AI, and we have three great announcements that we’re going to showcase in the marketing keynote:
  • Einstein Messaging Insights,
  • Einstein Copy Insights,
  • Einstein Content Selection”
  • https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techrepublic.com/google-amp/article/dreamforce-2019-how-salesforce-is-using-ai-to-improve-conversion-rates-and-boost-sales/

    Chris Jacob

    Product Marketing Leader



    Acoustic: Lifting the burden of tech in marketing with AI

    • “One simple example is the use of machine learning to automatically identify different elements within content assets and then tagging them accordingly. Another is in anomaly detection, where AI is used to identify changes in metrics such as website traffic, opt out rates or bounce rates and raise alerts.
    • “This is going to be the disruptive trend within the marketing platform space for the next five years,” Henderson says. “It is going to be hugely transformative in terms of the marketer’s ability to deliver on that promise of creating great experiences and better matching the vision they have for what they are trying to do and the reality.”


    How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Landscape of Digital Marketing

    • “Reportedly, brands who have recently adopted AI for marketing strategy, predict a 37 percent reduction in costs along with a 39 percent increase in revenue figures on an average by the end of 2020 alone.
    • According to a 2019 study by Forrester and Albert, only 26% of marketers are making use of autonomous AI, while 74% take a more manual approach with assistance from AI.”