Adverity raises $30 million to collect, prep, and analyze marketing data

  • “Adverity, a data analytics startup targeting applications in media, marketing, and ecommerce, today announced that it raised $30 million in equity financing, bringing its total raised to $50 million.
  • By accelerating R&D and growth within Adverity’s offices domestic and abroad, the fresh capital could help the company’s customers — among them Ikea, Red Bull, Unilever, MediaCom, and IPG Mediabrands — address the challenges AI and machine learning present
  • According to Algorithmia, 50% of companies spend between 8 and 90 days deploying a single AI model, with 18% taking longer than 90 days.”

Alexander Igelsböck

Adverity CEO

How AI in Ecommerce Enables True Personalization: Q&A With Elizabeth Gallagher of Lineate Staff Writer

“What are your top 3 tips for legacy brands who are starting to explore AI/ML in e-commerce marketing? How can marketers integrate AI and ML from inception through to measuring performance?

1) Get informed about what ML can do for marketers and what you need to get started. Like all exciting technologies, there is a lot of noise out there and some over-inflated claims. A dose of realism will help guide you forward.

2) Start small! For example, implement AI-driven upsell recommendations based on the page of one of your more popular products rather than your entire catalog.

3) Define a clear hypothesis about which metrics indicate improvement and how much improvement you expect to see. It’s crucial to follow a scientific method to avoid getting lost in the complexities and possibilities of ML. And, automate collecting the performance data so the results are transparent and easily measurable.

4) Outsource for expertise – it is unrealistic (and time-consuming) to spin up a data science and ML group for these kinds of complex initiatives. When outsourcing or purchasing off the shelf tools, get a proof-of-concept tailored to your use case before committing to long term costs.”

5 Industries That Are Pushing the Boundaries of AI

“These five industries are paving the way forward with AI:   

1. Finance – Automated trading now accounts for about 75% of financial market volume,

2. Healthcare – The model reduced false positives by 11% and detected cancer 5% more often.

3. Entertainment and sports – Spotify use machine learning to act as a personal DJ for millions of listeners

4. Travel and transportation – AI is also making self-driving cars a reality.

5. Marketing – GumGum helps brand marketers use computer vision technology to scan videos and images”

Image Credit: Artificial intelligence has already had a profound GETTY

Dreamforce 2019: How Salesforce is using AI to improve conversion rates and boost sales

  • “For the personalized angle, we’re amplifying our investment in Einstein and AI, and we have three great announcements that we’re going to showcase in the marketing keynote:
  • Einstein Messaging Insights,
  • Einstein Copy Insights,
  • Einstein Content Selection”

    Chris Jacob

    Product Marketing Leader