The Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Is Back, Now With More AI

“Portal’s main feature when it first launched was person-tracking artificial intelligence that crops the video to keep everyone around the device in the frame, and can follow a specific person. Facebook executives say this AI technology is now more accurate, thanks to new tricks like using the color of a person’s clothes to distinguish them from others. They also say the device’s ability to track people’s body’s could one day be used to add interactive features, such as new videogames.”

Tableau update uses AI to increase speed to insight

“’What Explain Data does is it moves users from understanding what happened to why it might have happened by automatically uncovering and explaining what’s going on in your data. So what we’ve done is we’ve embedded a sophisticated statistical engine in Tableau, that when launched automatically analyzes all the data on behalf of the user, and brings up possible explanations of the most relevant factors that are driving a particular data point,’ Tableau chief product officer, Francois Ajenstat explained.

McDonald’s Is Becoming a Tech Company With Its Latest Purchase

“With McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) acquisition of early-stage artificial intelligence specialist Apprente, the fast-food leader is quickly transforming itself into a technology leader. 

The purchase marks the burger joint’s third investment in a tech company this year following its acquisition of another artificial intelligence (AI) outfit, Dynamic Yield, and its 10% stake in mobile app developer Plexure.”

Boston-based DataRobot raises $206M Series E to bring AI to enterprise

“The company, which was founded in 2012, claims it has had triple-digit recurring revenue growth dating back to 2015, as well as one billion models built on the platform to date. Customers contributing to that number include a broad range of companies, such as Humana, United Airlines, Harvard Business School and Deloitte.”


Jeremy Achin CEO

Microsoft inches closer to releasing its AI-powered Scheduler bot

“We’ve been working to create a digital assistant that can help you schedule meetings so there are no more back and forth emails. Learn how you can delegate the creation of your meetings to Scheduler. Scheduler uses natural language processing to understand your needs and negotiate an appropriate time with your invitees, find you a room, and add an online meeting.”