What Business Professionals Need to Know about A.I.

“Mullainathan, who teaches a course on artificial intelligence at Booth, led a workshop at Management Conference 2019 that provided a functional understanding of A.I. Below are four of the top insights he shared.

  1. We can’t rely on our intuition to build algorithms.
  2. Instead of intuition, base algorithms on data.
  3. Algorithms aren’t biased, but they can mimic our biases.
  4. A.I. is best used for things we can’t do.”


Yoox Net-a-Porter CEO Federico Marchetti, E-Commerce Pioneer, on the State of Shopping

  • “The pandemic forced the world to embrace e-commerce more than ever before. As a global business, we saw how the virus was impacting each country…People thought we were already in the internet age, but I think it really has only just begun.
  • There is an Italian motto that I live by: non dormire sugli allori, to rest is to rust. To me, this means innovate—it is something that has guided me for 20 years.”


Why AI Continues To Deliver Results In A Pandemic

  • “The top 13% of enterprises are AI-at-scale leaders, outpacing their peers at moving multiple AI pilots into production.
  • Life Sciences leads all AI-at-scale enterprises with the highest levels of AI adoption across multiple business teams.
  • 78% of the AI-at-scale leaders continue to make progress on their A.I. initiatives at the same pace as before the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • 97% of the AI-at-scale leaders have seen quantifiable benefits from their deployments, compared to 64% of the struggling organizations.
  • 79% of AI-at-scale leaders have seen more than a 25% increase in sales of traditional products and services this year.”


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side Of AI

“Boinodiris also brought some interesting observations from a survey by IBM on perceptions of responsible AI:

– It found that shared prosperity and impact on jobs are identified by executives as the least important ethical considerations related to AI.
– The second observation was that more than 60% of CHROs believe that they have no minimum obligation to offer to retrain or invest in AI skills.
– The third insight was that over half the executives point CTO and CIO as primarily accountable for AI ethics in organisations. These results are highly concerning and tells us that most people do not take creating responsible AI or AI ethics as seriously as they should.”

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side Of AI

AI decisions: Do we deserve an explanation? – Futurity

“Kate Vredenburgh says individuals are, in fact, owed explanations when AI makes decisions that affect our lives. Vredenburgh, who is a 2019-2020 postdoctoral fellow at the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society and the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, will soon start an assistant professorship in the philosophy, logic, and scientific method department at the London School of Economics.”

AI decisions: Do we deserve an explanation?