2019 AI eCommerce Spotlight Awards

2019 “AI eCommerce Spotlight Award”

Today, I’m proud to announce the 2nd annual “AI eCommerce Spotlight Award” winners. These awards are distributed to recognize those companies that have differentiated themselves from the competition over the prior 12 month period within the ai eCommerce industry.

This year we’re recognizing 4 companies with GOLD and SILVER awards.

To determine the winners, we developed a matrix of factors with individual weights. The scores were then tallied and vendors were stack-ranked by overall performance.


GOLD Winners

  • Cognitive Scale
  • Sentient


SILVER Winners

  • Apptus
  • Boxx

Congratulations to our winners. We’ll be closely monitoring and reporting on the performance of all vendors, existing and new, throughout the course of the year.

A list of all vendors that were considered for the awards include:

Sentient – https://www.sentient.ai

Cognitive Scale – https://www.cognitivescale.com

Apptus – http://www.apptus.com

Boxx.ai – http://m.boxx.ai/#home

Albert.ai – https://albert.ai

DynamicYield – https://www.dynamicyield.com

Bloomreach – https://www.bloomreach.com/en

Twiggle – http://www.twiggle.com

Emarsys – https://www.emarsys.com/en/

Braze (Formerly Appboy) – https://www.braze.com/product/optimization-ai/

Nosto – https://www.nosto.com

Limespot – https://www.limespot.com/

Listrak – https://www.listrak.com

Personali.com – http://www.personali.com/

Triggmine – https://triggmine.io/

ChatKit – https://chatkit.com/

SearchIQ – https://www.searchiq.co/

CloudFlare – https://www.cloudflare.com/

Reflektion – http://reflektion.com

Zeta (Formerly: BoomTrain) – https://boomtrain.com

Cloud-iq – http://www.cloud-iq.com

Neowise – http://www.neowize.com

LiftIgniter – https://www.liftigniter.com

WACUL – https://wacul-ai.com/en/

Choice.ai – https://choice.ai

Scaled Inference – https://www.scaledinference.com/index.html

Staqu – http://www.staqu.com

Visenze – https://www.visenze.com

Infinite Analytics – http://infiniteanalytics.com

Layer6.ai – https://layer6.ai

Msg.ai – http://msg.ai/#home

WEVO – https://www.wevoconversion.com

Wylei – http://wylei.com

Granify – https://www.granify.com

Reactful – https://www.reactful.com

Couture.ai – http://www.couture.ai

Klevu – https://www.klevu.com

AI eCommerce News – June 14th

This is the year that Salesforce is inserting its Einstein AI functionality into all of its products. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein now has its share of technology innovations that enable retailers to provide shoppers with personalized, AI-powered experiences that span Web, mobile, social, in-store and more.
There’s a hierarchy of needs that applies to retail commerce customers, noted Dwight Moore, senior director for retail and GTM at Salesforce. They can be summed up as, ‘know me, remember me, make it easy for me, surprise and delight me, and make my life better.’”
It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI has been touted as one of the biggest things to change the ecommerce industry. Currently estimated by eMarketer to be almost 7.3% of all global sales, the ecommerce industry is using AI to push the envelope. With increasing competition, all e-commerce platforms need to find smarter ways to engage with customers and anticipate their needs.”
CognitiveScale traces its roots to a number of IBM engineers who had in turn worked on Watson, the supercomputer project that works with A.I. and data analytics.  The company offers CortexOS, which is cloud based technology, to leverage data streams across predictive analytics. Those data streams come from customer sources (known as Engage) and employee sources (known as Amplify).  Unstructured data sources come from social media and other sites and sources including mobile apps and call centers.”

“In industries like CPG, brand sales are declining, or at the very least growth is stalling. Many brands are looking to ecommerce, which represents 20 to 40 percent of overall sales in China, to drive sales back to a healthy level. This means brands are relying on ecommerce giants like JD.com to help them achieve scale.”