NRF 2020: Retailers Gather at the Big Show to Consider Their Next Steps

“Retailers are deploying artificial intelligence both online and in-store to help analyze data, deliver unique customer experiences (both onsite and online) and manage their back-end operations. PetSmart will discuss how it is deploying AI to manage its IT operations, and Amazon Pay will discuss the role of voice-based AI technologies in reshaping customer interactions.”

NRF Big Show 2020

AI in 2020: From Experimentation to Adoption

“A Glimpse at the Numbers

  • 37% cite limited AI expertise or knowledge as a hinderance from successful AI adoption at their business
  • 78% of respondents across all countries surveyed say it is very or critically important that they can trust that their AI’s output is fair, safe, and reliable.
  • Companies currently deploying AI technologies are more likely to use a hybrid cloud (38% adopted) or hybrid multicloud (17% adopted), as AI success is fed by data.”

Law must be adapted for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • “The legal challenges imposed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are both new and greater.
  • Data has now become a valuable business asset which fosters innovation
  • In certain respects, data can be compared to the new oil, with the “datafication” of every aspect of human social, political, and economic activity.
  • Already, a court in Cleveland in the United States is using an artificial intelligence tool for sentencing.
  • There is also the need to develop leaders with the skillset to manage organizations in the context of these changes.
  • It is also important that governments and the legal system are not left behind in regulating the new fields, as this would lead to a shift of power towards technology and its owners”

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Federated Learning = Data Access + Privacy

  • “Federated Learning – Currently, data silos and privacy protection are two big challenges for AI. As an encrypted distributed machine learning framework, FL can tackle both problems by allowing different parties to build models collaboratively without the need to reveal their data. The method helps to advance AI modeling while protecting data and privacy.
  • Direct data merging will violate privacy regulations. FL is a compliance method strictly following laws and regulations, and is now used in fintech, healthcare, smart city, and other industrial applications.”

    Professor Yoshua Bengio, A.M.

    Turing Award Winner

    Founder of Mila-Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

    One of the “three musketeers of deep learning”

    Punchh raises $40 million for AI that promotes customer engagement and loyalty

    • “Punchh, a startup leveraging machine learning and omnichannel integrations to create customer journeys, today revealed that it’s closed a $40 million series C round
    • Punchh says its clients experience an 85% uptick in offer redemption rates on average and an 84% boost in loyalty participation rates, as well as a 58% loyalty check lift. It claims to have reached over 125 million consumers across 200 corporations with 80,000 locations”