Williams F1 drives digital transformation in racing with AI, quantum

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  • “Hackland explains to VentureBeat how Williams F1 is looking to exploit data to make further advances up the grid and how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, might help in that process.
  • But what we’ve realized is trying to create data lakes just hasn’t worked. It hasn’t given us the actual intelligence that we wanted, so we often refer to data puddles. It’s much better to have many of these puddles that are well-structured and the data is well understood. And then, through a middleware layer, we can get to the graphical user interfaces.”


Andrew Ng To Kickstart A New Generation Of AI

  • “Nearly 90 percent of ML models built globally are never brought to light, primarily because they cannot adjust to the variety of information available in real-world applications.
  • The solution Andrew Ng has proposed is to put aside the architecture of an AI model and focus on what it is working with, i.e. the data. By paying close attention to what a model learns and improving the quality of data, and subsequently retraining the ML model, engineers can build higher quality systems in a much shorter time.
  • Andrew Ng believes that the right people can put this idea to use constructively to counter many issues, such as manufacturing, treating diseases, energy consumption and food production, all with the help of AI-backed with the appropriate data.”

Andrew Ng To Kickstart A New Generation Of AI

Building the intelligent future of payments with AI

  • “According to BCG, companies that connect AI and digital initiatives are 12 percentage points more likely to see revenue impact, and 20 percentage points more likely to have seen either cost or revenue impact.
  • Companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple, dominate their industries because they were the first to begin building data sets which helped them attain a steep competitive edge. For FIs, the equation is similar. The sooner a FI builds a strong data foundation, the sooner they can execute advanced AI and ML models.
  • Simultaneously, greater application modernization and agility is needed to unlock the value from AI. Banks need to update current monolithic and inflexible application infrastructures to scalable, cloud-native app environments by using modern technology stacks, ensuring the target state is scalable and flexible enough to support evolving business needs.”


6 steps to build a data-driven company, according to experts

  • “There are handsome rewards for companies that insert big data and analytics into their operations. According to PWC, these organizations enjoy 5% more productivity and 6% more profitability than those that don’t.
  • To understand how data can transform your business, check out, ‘The Evolution of Data in the Cloud: The Lynchpin of Competitive Advantage’, research sponsored by Snowflake.”


Parabola no-code platform raises $8M Series A as it focuses on eCommerce

“Company founder and CEO Alex Yaseen sees the tool as a way to bring programming-like automation to anyone who deals with data tasks on a regular basis, particularly in a spreadsheet. “We’re a drag and drop productivity tool, and we like to say we bring the power of programming to everybody,” Yaseen told TechCrunch.”


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