Improving Customer Experience in a Digital-First World

“Businesses increasingly see customer engagement (CE) as a competitive differentiator and a catalyst for improving business performance. But too often, there’s a disconnect between what businesses want to do with CE and what they can achieve. This disconnect has become even larger during the pandemic, disrupting many physical channels companies use to engage with customers.

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In global survey of nearly 2,300 organizations, researchers scored companies from 0 to 100 on their preparedness to engage customers. The average score of 41 highlighted a business weakness on CE.

On January 20, in a live, interactive HBR-AS webinar, managing director Alex Clemente will share the results from this survey about the areas of CE businesses struggle with—and data-driven strategies for improvement.

He will then lead a discussion with Ibrahim Khoury, director of product development and innovation at Alight, and Heather Richards, vice president of GTM for digital-first engagement at Verint, on how organizations can use technology and automation to create a better customer experience (CX). They will discuss:

– Challenges businesses face in providing the CE they aspire to
– How the pandemic magnified the need for better CE systems
– Why new technologies can help build a better CE
How businesses can use AI tools to better analyze CE data
– Why incorporating a human element in CE is crucial
– As customer expectations continue to grow, savvy organizations are figuring out how to rise to meet CE challenges—often investing in cloud-based CE and CX solutions.

To discover how to automate and scale the soft skills critical to a differentiated customer experience, join HBR-AS and these CE experts on January 20.”

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Digital-First Banking

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AI-Powered Tech Essential to Keep Pace With Consumer Digital Banking Expectations

  • “Most consumers are reaching for their phones or laptops first when it comes time to conduct routine financial tasks. PYMNTS data shows 70% of United States consumers at larger financial institutions (FIs) report this is the case.
  • 41% of individuals in the same report stating mobile as their preferred banking channel of choice.
  • 478 million households will count as “smart homes” by 2025 — filled with devices they will increasingly tap for banking and payments.
  • 31% of U.S. consumers now have voice-activated speakers in their homes, for example, with a rising number of these owners making use of the devices for payments.
  • 35.3 million wearable payment devices were sold in the first half of the year, indicating significant interest on the part of consumers.”

About the Tracker

The Digital-First Banking Tracker®, a PYMNTS collaboration with NCR Corporation, is your go-to monthly resource for updates on trends and changes in digital-first banking.