Adobe’s Digital Experience chief on how to navigate a cookieless future

Photo: Adobe

“There are companies that have already had some of this data. For example, member-oriented companies. You have a membership organization, and you know every member ID — it’s not a new idea; membership-oriented companies have been around for hundreds of years. Those kinds of companies have always collected data; that’s basically first-party data. So you really then have to gravitate towards first-party data.”

Today’s Retail Marketing Budget Is Different Than You Think

  • “To enable personalization and customer satisfaction—and acquire customers—more marketing dollars are being apportioned to investments in artificial intelligence and customer data platforms.
  • For the 2019 holiday season, brands are boosting their technology spend and investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to enable personalization, according to the report.
  • DTC brands plan to increase marketing spending for AI by 56%, compared with 41% of incumbent brands.”

How Leading Retailers and Direct-to-Consumer Brands Are Investing in Digital

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