AI (Artificial Intelligence): What We Can Expect In The New Year

  • “2020 will be the year of practical AI: using cool technology to solve “boring” problems.
  • Deep Learning goes industrial. Dedicated DL chipsets are accelerating trial and error opportunities across industries
  • adversaries are going to use the best technology to accomplish their goals…Adversaries will try to create wedges and divides in society.
  • 2020 will usher in the year of ‘AI in the Enterprise.’ AI will get an upgrade from being an ingredient to a first class citizen”–what-we-can-expect-in-the-new-year/amp/

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5 predictions for AI’s impact on customer experience in 2020 (VB Live)

“In 2019, smart companies started investing in bot technology because it was clear that despite reservations, consumers were slowly coming around, and having the infrastructure in place now would help businesses prepare for the next step in customer service technology.”

13 Best Quotes About The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

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This is a really interesting article published by Forbes, and contains the 13 greatest quotes related to AI. The number 13 is actually my lucky number so I’m taking that as a positive omen.

I attempted to categorize the key theme(s) of the content. Here’s a summary overview:

  • Benefit to Humanity – 7
  • Negative for humanity – 1
  • End of world – 2
  • Corporate Game changer – 3
  • Power for malicious intent – 2
  • Augment our intelligence – 1
  • Cool – 1

The quotes come from scholars, tech giants and visionaries including:

  • Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist
  • Andrew Ng, Computer Scientist and Global Leader in AI
  • Sam Altman, Chairman of OpenAI
  • Fei-Fei Li, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University
  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
  • Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

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