From computerized carts to “Chef Bots,” how AI is becoming a bigger part of grocery shopping

  • “Lindon Gao is the chief executive officer of Caper, a technology company that created the Caper Cart, the “world’s first AI-powered shopping cart.” Originally launched in 2019 at the New York-based supermarket Foodcellar & Co., the Caper Cart looks like a typical shopping cart. However as customers place items in the basket, they are weighed, measured and priced; additionally, a screen affixed to the cart offers shoppers basket-based recommendations and nearby deals.
  • Users simply snap a photo of three ingredients from their refrigerator or pantry. Users then tweet their photo to @KrogerChefbot. Through artificial intelligence, Chefbot identifies ingredients and then provides users with a list of personalized recipe recommendations based on the selected ingredients.”

Amazon brings cashierless tech to full-size grocery store for first time at new Seattle-area location

“Amazon’s newest physical grocery store opening in the Seattle area this week is unique as it will feature the company’s “Just Walk Out” cashierless technology. It’s the first time the tech has come to a full-size store and marks a milestone for Amazon given the cost and complexity of implementing such a system.”

Dubai’s BulkWhiz raises multi-million Series A for its AI-driven bulk grocery ecommerce platform

“Founded in late 2016 (launched in 2017) by Amira Rashad who previously worked for Facebook and Yahoo (from their offices in Dubai) and Yusuf Saber who was the Data Science Lead at Careem, BulkWhiz enables consumers and small businesses buy groceries and household products in bulk through its mobile apps or web-based platform.”