This Google App Helps Customers Find Your Business Online, Even If They’re Not Searching for It

“This is now a step closer to reality thanks to Google Lens — an app that cleverly links real-world objects to Google’s massive index of the world’s information.

The app works in a remarkably simple way: point your camera at the object you are seeking to find online, tap on it to separate it from the background and then let Google’s servers do all the heavy lifting for you and deliver relevant search results.

How to Take Advantage of Google’s Indexing of Entities

  1. Make the pictures tell the story.
  1. Label everything correctly.
  1. Tie the pictures to the text.
  1. Think context and perspective.”

How to be Competitive in eCommerce (2018) – CIO Review

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  • “Personalized Experience: The age of information overload has provided the firms with the opportunity to inform themselves about the exact desires and demands of their customers. The expectation in such an instance is that the firm will be able to create unique personalized experiences that will enhance and improve customer experience.
  • Sensory Search: With an increase in visual social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, there has been a transformation in the eCommerce industry in terms of demand for the capability of panoptic search. There’s also a surge of popularity for voice search, and firms should include both these capabilities to boost their site visit.”
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