Tiger Global leads $100 million investment in Indian social commerce DealShare

  • “The startup began as an e-commerce platform on WhatsApp, where it offered hundreds of products to consumers. It didn’t take long before a major consumer spending pattern was visible, Rao said. People were only interested in buying items that were selling at discounted rates, said Rao.
  • Consumers wanted products that were relevant to them and they wanted to buy these items at a price that instilled the most value for their bucks, said Rao. ‘We focused on locally produced items instead of national brands. Even today, 80% to 90% of items we sell are locally produced,’ he said.”



  • “State Bank of India – Developed by an AI banking platform Payjo, this smart chat assistant is equipped to handle nearly 10,000 enquiries per second or 864 million in a day, which is almost 25% of the queries are processed by Google each day, reports noted.
  • HDFC – Built by Bengaluru-based Senseforth AI Research, Eva has reportedly claimed to have answered over five million user queries with more than 85% accuracy. HDFC also has an AI-enabled chatbot, OnChat, which launched on Facebook Messenger in 2016.
  • ICICI – According to the report, ICICI bank has scaled its RPA initiative to over 750 software robotics handling nearly 2 million transactions daily, which is 20% of the transaction volumes.”

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