71% of executives say the metaverse will be good for business. Here’s why

– “The metaverse will be positive for business, according to most respondents to an Accenture survey.

– It will be “breakthrough” or “transformational”, 42% say.

– This reimagining of the internet is one of four tech trends identified by Accenture.

– The metaverse will be worth more than $1 trillion in annual revenues, according to JP Morgan.

– Many companies are already embracing it, including Disney, Gucci and Warner Bros.”


Remote Work: Productivity Up, Innovation Down

  • “The pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for the workplace. For most, a decline in productivity wasn’t one of them; 39% of businesses actually reported an increase in productivity after shifting to remote work at the start of COVID-19.
  • Despite a general consensus that innovation is key to adding value to a business, staying ahead of the competition, and solving the world’s biggest problems, organizations tend to spend a very small percentage of their budgets on promoting innovation internally—just 5%, according to Harvard Business Review, while 85% goes to daily operations.
  • When innovation is a core value of a company, however, it gives employees permission to spend time and energy on new ideas—rather than focusing entirely on putting out the nearest fire. By centering innovation in company culture, we encourage our employees to think ahead, to take risks that lead to groundbreaking ideas.”


Walmart Embraced Irrationality And Won—Here’s What CX Innovators Can Learn From Its Success

1. Shared pain points need out-of-the-box solutions.

The most successful brands not only understand their customer journey from soup to nuts, but they also have their finger on the pulse of shared challenges—the ones that competitors have yet to solve.

2. Irrationality fuels innovation; insights inform design.

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Needs are rational, but solutions don’t necessarily start off that way; rather, they often begin life as irrational ideas that take shape in the pursuit of innovation.

3. Innovation always lives in the future.

Most brands are willing to do the research to understand their consumers, lay out their customer journey maps and then build a solution, but the biggest mistake they make is by stopping there. Can you imagine how different our world would be if we simply settled for the Wright brothers’ first glider? Of course not, because innovation always lives in the future.”


Domino’s utilises Azure to cook up innovation boost

  • “Microsoft is delighted to announce that Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has signed a three-year strategic technology and services agreement to use Azure to help accelerate the company’s modernisation and expansion plans.
  • Despite the constraints of the global pandemic Domino’s continues to grow rapidly; in the last financial year it served 281 million pizzas, opened 285 new stores around the world, and recorded $3.7 billion worth of network sales. This financial year it expects to open a further 500 stores.”


NFL to Host Innovation Forum as League Looks to Revamp Future of the Game

“Natara Holloway, VP of football strategy and business development at the NFL, joined Cheddar to talk about the future of the game as well as the league’s ability to successfully navigate through the turbulent pandemic. “Fans, necessarily, won’t see it, but they will definitely feel it. And that’s what we like to say really comes through from an innovation perspective with the NFL,” she said. Holloway also discussed the NFL’s commitment to diversity from the sidelines to its front offices.”