Microsoft teamed up with OpenAI to build a massive AI supercomputer in Azure

  • “At its Build developer conference, Microsoft today announced that it has teamed up with OpenAI…to create one of the world’s fastest supercomputers
  • Microsoft says that the 285,000-core machine would have ranked in the top five of the TOP500 supercomputer rankings.
  • To be in the top five of supercomputers, a machine would currently have to reach more than 23,000 teraflops per second. It’s also worth noting that the No. 1 machine, the IBM Power System-based Summit, reaches over 148,000 teraflops”

Intelligent Automation: Getting More Bang from the Bots – CFO

  • “Survey respondents reported cost savings of roughly 20% on average over the past two years across processes in finance, human resources, supply chain and procurement, and service delivery and operations.
  • Microsoft finance has reduced by 20% the time spent compiling and validating data, which saves over 150,000 hours of work every quarter. In addition, chatbots reduce support costs by 30%.”

Intelligent Automation: Getting More Bang from the Bots

Baidu: AI Exceeds Human Natural Language Comprehension And Open Source Could Make It Even Better

  • “Natural language comprehension. And in the last year and a half, it’s where Baidu has made the biggest progress, as its system, ERNIE (short for Enhanced Representation through kNowledge Integration), is presently the best in the world by GLUE (General Language Understanding Evaluation) score.
  • Earlier this year, Baidu had the surprise distinction of shaking up the GLUE leaderboard by knocking off perennial leaders Google and Microsoft with ERNIE. Out of a full score of 100, Baidu is now the first team to surpass 90 with its ERNIE. By comparison, the average human being scores an 87.”