Microsoft launches a drag-and-drop machine learning tool

  • “Microsoft today announced three new services that all aim to simplify the process of machine learning.
  • The new interface for Azure’s automated machine learning tool makes creating a model as easy as importing a data set and then telling the service which value to predict.
  • For those who want a bit more control from the get-go, Microsoft also today launched into preview a visual interface for its Azure Machine Learning service that will allow developers to build, train and deploy machine learning models without having to touch any code.
  • The new hosted notebooks in Azure Machine Learning are clearly geared toward the more experienced machine learning practitioner.”

TD Bank moves to Microsoft Azure cloud

  • “TD Bank Group (TD) will use Microsoft Azure as the cloud foundation to provide its technology and design teams with tools designed for efficient access to data and artificial intelligence (AI) resources.
  • “Every financial services company today has an incredible opportunity to apply advances in cloud and AI to redefine every aspect of their business,” says Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.
  • By moving the solution to Microsoft Azure, the business now has faster access to high-performance analytics, which allows the bank to respond rapidly to client pricing requests.”

Artificial Intelligence Stocks: The 10 Best AI Companies

“Progress in the field has been lightning fast – today, everybody who’s anybody in the Valley is racing to develop and use machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing and a range of other sub-fields to innovate and monetize. Already that race has seen intense jockeying for position, with early leaders and laggards swapping positions. Here are 10 companies making big bets on AI.”

Nvidia Corporation



Micron Technology

Microsoft Corp.


Intel Corp



Microsoft’s new AI Business School teaches execs how to lead AI initiatives, for free

“Microsoft on Monday launched a free, online AI Business School to help business leaders navigate creating an AI strategy.

Courses include:

  • “Introduction to AI technology for business leaders,”
  • “Define an AI strategy to create business value,”
  • “Discover ways to foster an AI-ready culture in your business,”
  • “Identify guiding principles for responsible AI in your business.”

“This school is a deep dive into how you develop a strategy and identify blockers before they happen in the implementation of AI in your organization,” Mitra Azizirad, corporate vice president for AI marketing at Microsoft, wrote in the post.

The AI Business School is non-technical, and designed to help executives lead their organizations through AI transformations, according to the post.”