I tested out Panera’s new ‘automated’ drive-thru and now I think every fast food chain should use it

  • “Panera is testing out AI technology to take orders in the drive-thrus of two New York restaurants.
  • Popeyes is also using the same tech, and has reported successful results so far.
  • I thought it made ordering much easier, and I hope more restaurants in my area adopt it.”


A Roadmap For Building A Business Chatbot

“Here’s a quick recap of the detailed 10-step process:

  1. Start by identifying whether or not a chatbot is a right fit for your business model.
  2. Understand the different types of chatbots and identify the ones you need.
  3. After settling on a type, give your chatbot a purpose by defining its goals.
  4. Once the end goal is in view, iron out the details surrounding the language, channels, and so on.
  5. Work out the different integrations that will be required and find out ways to accommodate them.
  6. Recruit a team of experienced professionals or outsource the entire job (you do you)!
  7. Regardless of your choice above, document and share defined project requirements so you can get a chatbot as per your expectations.
  8. Get started with the chatbot development, and once ready, send the prototype on a dry run.
  9. Finally, when you have worked out the kinks, gear up for D-day as you launch the chatbot.
  10. Round up the chatbot development process with continuous testing, measuring, and tracking its progress so that it continues delivering value to your business.”


Why AI Is the Next Step In Digitization Of the Finance Sector

  • “As per a report by Mckinsey Global Institute, it has been estimated that utilizing AI to enhance core banking functions and provide customized services to customers across the globe will extend a value of over $250 million across the industry.
  • Industry experts believe that leveraging AI will help the banking industry save $1 trillion come 2030. Another report by Narrative Science in 2018 revealed that over 32 per cent of banks out of the total surveyed had already adopted advanced AI-based techniques such as predictive analytics, recommendation engines, voice recognition, and response times in their operations.
  • As reported by Gartner, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is highly cost-effective, amounting to one-third of the compensation provided to an offshore employee and one-fifth of that given to an onshore employee. RPA does the grunt work, a rule-based system that automates repetitive tasks and has no intelligence but is often categorized under AI.”


DeepMind’s new chatbot uses Google searches plus humans to give better answers

“The trick to making a good AI-powered chatbot might be to have humans tell it how to behave—and force the model to back up its claims using the internet, according to a new paper by Alphabet-owned AI lab DeepMind.

In a new non-peer-reviewed paper out today, the team unveils Sparrow, an AI chatbot that is trained on DeepMind’s large language model Chinchilla.”


How Tymely combines NLP and a human-in-the-loop approach to improve chatbot conversations

“Tymely claims its AI technology can create personalized messages. Launched in 2022, the company says that it’s building an AI that understands complex human language to improve CX. Unlike most chatbots and other fully automated solutions, Tymely claims it has a human-level understanding of the customers’ language, with its technology being a mix of people and AI.”