Regions using AI to make most of customer feedback

  • “A text analytics tool Regions developed internally in the spring called rVoice consolidates the feedback and uses natural language processing as well as the bank’s institutional knowledge of its customers to derive insights that are organized into a dashboard view. (Chief Digital Officer Andy Hernandez)
  • The Citizens Listens platform, which it built with the experience management company Medallia, automatically sends a survey to customers after a transaction or an advice-driven conversation and uses text analytics to assess how well Citizens met their needs. (Beth Johnson, executive vice president, chief experience officer)
  • Wells Fargo has built an AI system it calls Advanced Listening that lets customers communicate through the channel of their choice — phone call, email, text, survey response, online banking interaction — and listens to or analyzes every interaction.”

Regions Bank Makes A Digital Push With The Help Of AI

  • “At the heart of Regions’ digital push is a sophisticated AI tool to assist bank staff in their customer interactions. The chatbot — which was in development for six years and first went live two years ago — is named ROSIE, after the robotic maid from “The Jetsons.”
  • The same data that powers ROSIE helps Regions Bank fight against fraud, with sophisticated AI keeping a close eye on each member’s financial history and behavior to make sure anomalies are flagged and analyzed for malfeasance.”