Google heralds a new era of ‘Deployed AI’ to transform businesses

  • “This new era is called the age of “Deployed AI,” which Google Vice President of AI Andrew Moore said in a blog post means having a “vision for transforming your business.”
  • “The campaign reached nearly 500 million people across multiple continents, generating measurably positive uplift in brand engagement and consideration in the process.”
  • One example is Unilever’s use of Google’s Cloud Vision API and Natural Language API services to analyze the metrics of a Closeup toothpaste marketing campaign across South Asia.”

3%-18% conversion rate improvement in Reflektion case studies

This afternoon I was checking out vendors leveraging AdWords to reach eCommerce professionals. I combed through the Reflektion site, and was impressed by their case studies with some well known brands.

Conversion Rate Improvement:

Toms – 3.3%

Marmot – 13%

Cafe Britt – 18%

Check out the full details:

Also, an interesting visual to help explain the difference between AI, ML and Deep Learning.