Salesforce: Combining AI and automation can give us superpowers and make us more productive

“At Dreamforce 2020, Salesforce unveiled Einstein Automate, an automation platform designed to help customers automate workflows and connect applications using the low-code or no-code tools. Robotic process automation is a key part of enterprise digital transformation strategies and I had a chance to speak with John Kucera, SVP of Product Management for Automation at Salesforce, about Einstein Automate, how the company is using AI as part of its automation solution, the kinds of tasks Salesforce customers are automating, whether he believes automation will lead to fewer jobs and when we’ll be able to talk to Tableau like we do a smart speaker. The following is a transcript of our interview, edited for readability.”

Gartner details the five ‘digital competencies’ CFOs must wield in 2021

“CFOs must leverage five key digital competencies if they are to realise the full potential of their recent technology investments, according to Gartner.

Technological literacy, digital translation, digital learning, digital bias management and digital ambition form the five pillars of competencies for finance staff in 2021, the analyst firm declared — and advancing the emerging technologies of robotic process automation (RPA), advanced AI and more hinge on achieving them.”

How Is IPA Transforming Banking?

  • “In a nutshell, IPA is a combination of RPA and AI. Although a considerable number of financial tasks is highly-repetitive, banks are now augmenting both robots and human workers with AI to widen the scope of tasks that can be automated, driving significantly more value.
  • Although IPA can be considered as an extended version of RPA, its impact on organizational workflows is a hundred times more significant. In most cases, financial organizations will need to reorganize their teams, retrain or upskill the workforce, and address data governance issues to be able to maintain IPA.”

Yaroslav Kuflinski

Breaking the Barriers – From Digitization to use of AI & RPA in Banks

  • “Keeping the Digital strategy in mind, apart from the digital products and services which bank has to offer, one of the key differentiators would be the increased use of Chat Bots and Analytics in Banking.
  • A right blend of RPA, Analytics and machine learning can achieve wonders in terms of mitigating operational challenges of the Bank. Banks are adapting to this use of AI/RPA in their banking journey and increasing the overall customer experience.”—from-digitization-to-use-of-ai-amp-rpa-in-banks