AI is thriving on and driving the edge

“Organizations that are looking to strategize around these developments should keep three factors in mind, says Intel VP Brian McCarson. First, open source becomes a key enabler because AI thrives on ready access to as much data and as many resources as possible. Secondly, video will become a major asset as organizations evolve in the new economy. This means AI’s capability to leverage video at the edge will be a primary driver for success, and this will accelerate the need for greater investment in both AI platforms and infrastructure. And finally, change will take place rapidly on the edge as new systems and new applications eat the old ones. Whatever you deploy on the edge now, be prepared to revamp it sooner rather than later.”

Baidu Chief Robin Li thinks AI will cut human dependence on mobile phones

  • “Robin Li, Co-founder and CEO of Chinese search engine company Baidu, believes that artificial intelligence will pare human dependence on mobile phones as a combination of sensor-driven infrastructure and advanced programming will create an environment of voice-and-visual dominated interface, reducing the need to use mobile devices.
  • ‘Video is becoming the main form of content. We used to see text; then more and more images on the Internet. Today, video is the most important form of content on the internet. People’s mindsets are also changing– changing toward video content.'”

Robin Li

Co-founder and CEO of Baidu

WATCH: Why interactive video platform Toch is now betting big on live commerce

  • “Crunching millions of data has made Toch set a course towards live commerce while engaging audience on videos. Live commerce is a term used to denote shopping while watching the content live and the transaction takes place in any live streaming app. For example, if a viewer is watching Avengers on an app, then he can choose to natively buy Avengers merchandise.
  • But did you know that all these key highlights were not curated by a human? It was done through an algorithm that under defined conditions learned what the audience wanted and went ahead to package videos accordingly.”

Toch –

Watch this four-minute film about the future of work in a world run by algorithms

To share…or not to share

I debated whether or not to share this video and link. I was initially turned-off by the fact that I had to download the Vimeo app but it’s only 58 MB.

It’s a thought provoking video, albeit overly dramatic and “Terminator-ish.” I ultimately decided to post because I connect with, “our deep-rooted desire to be productive.”

Here are some snippets from the accompanying post.

  • “It’s an unsettling message, subtly delivered. We live in a world that worships productivity, and that equates our ability to work with our value to society.”
  • “To some viewers, this augmented reality desktop probably looks more dreamy than dangerous (it certainly did to me). But that’s proof of how deep-rooted our desire to be productive is. Many of us want to do more in our lives, but we often forget to ask why or to what end we’re actually working.”