4 Simple Rules to Make AI Chatbots a Force for Good

  • “Business Insider experts predict that by 2020, 80 percent of enterprises will use chatbots.
  • After all, chatbots can reduce your customer service costs by 30 percent. 

Let’s take a look at four rules to make chatbots a force for good, shall we?

1. Respond like a human, but don’t pretend to be one.

2. Be wise when choosing an AI vendor.

3. Get an idea about how conversational AI works.

4. Focus on improvement”


Artificial Intelligence is What Every Bank Needs

  • “52% of financial services industry executives are currently making ‘substantial’ investments in artificial intelligence, and 72% of business decision makers believe that AI will be the business advantage of the future .”
  • According to research conducted by Autonomous Next, “the aggregate potential cost savings for banks from AI applications is estimated at $447 billion by 2023.”


Bank of America AI chatbot surpasses 10 million users

  • “Bank of America’s mobile chatbot Erica has surpassed 10 million users since its nationwide rollout in June 2018 and is on track to complete 100 million client requests in the coming weeks.
  • Bank of America currently claims 29 (likely typo missing “Million”) mobile banking clients, representing 60% of the bank’s total account base in 17 major cities and 50% nationwide.”


5 lessons learned from a Black Friday customer experience fail

“HubSpot research found that 80% of consumers would stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience.

Here are 5 key lessons ecommerce retailers can learn from Retailer B’s mistakes to ensure that they have a solid customer experience strategy in place for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Don’t skimp on infrastructure
    Optimise the user experience
    Take a long, hard look at order fulfillment
    Prepare customer service staff
    Make automation your friend”


Bottomline Technologies Launches AI Chat For Paymode-X

“Bottomline is partnering with Drift, a conversational marketing platform, to provide businesses in North America with AI-enabled chat that offers live support for customers enrolling to be paid electronically by virtual card and ACH through Paymode-X, as well as support for those enrolling to be paid electronically by virtual card and ACH via Paymode-X. In Europe, Bottomline’s PTX customers will receive live customer support from within the solution, even during off-hours.”


Drift – https://www.drift.com/