Expert: Bots should be less human

  • “Our goal is to make humans less robotic by diverting the mundane, repeatable tasks to automations, which will allow humans to do what they do best — be more creative, show more feeling, and make a real impact,” said Erik Ashby, Director of Product, Helpshift.
  • “For example, when IBM’s Watson was unveiled and won Jeopardy, the world was astounded that a machine could be so “intelligent” and hypothesized all sorts of use-cases for the technology. But when Watson was applied to customer support, it wasn’t focused, was far too complicated and wasn’t proving useful to brands,” said Ashby.”

Think you can tell a human from a robot? Here are some of the smartest chatbots that have conversations

  • “The chatbot market size is projected to jump from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7%.”

“Here are some of the smartest chatbots you can talk to:

  • Faketalk Chatbot – Learn more about Faketalk.
  • Zo Chatbot – Learn more about Zo.”
  • Visit link below for full list

Amazon Is Testing an AI Chatbot That Generates Original Dialogue in Real Time

  • “Amazon is testing what may be the first commercial customer service chatbot to produce wholly original dialogue in real time using recent breakthroughs in AI language generation.
  • The randomized testing currently encompasses two types of interactions: return refund status requests and order cancellations.
  • Each of Amazon’s models are trained on data that spans 5 million conversation-response pairs culled from 350,000 past interactions”

Accelerating Customer Experience With Conversational AI

  • “One such solution to consider is conversational AI and the use of text and voice-based messaging apps to automate communications between businesses and their customers. As consumers continue to make greater use of these channels, businesses can seize the opportunity to integrate conversational AI technologies.
  • To help you create an end-to-end solution, PwC has developed a modern delivery framework: AIRe (Align, Innovate, Release, Evolve). AIRe is business-led, collaborative, and aligned with the business objectives that drive predictable value, speed, focus, and agility.”

CWB Financial Group to implement FICANEX AI-powered chatbot solution

“We are thrilled that CWB Financial Group will be the first bank to implement and take advantage of this very strategic digital channel to improve customer communications,” said Andrew Obee , President & CEO of FICANEX. “Our experience with other implementations has allowed us to create a very robust AI-powered chatbot that will enable fully automated anywhere and anytime conversations between CWB and their customers and potential customers alike,” added Mr. Obee.