8 factors shaping the future of big data, machine learning and AI

“The Strata conference provides a good barometer…Eight key points emerged for me from the event.

1. 5G will stimulate the growth of ML and result in new applications and services

2. Changing skillsets for data scientists

3. The online and offline worlds are merging

4. Internal data platforms are becoming essential for growth and innovation

5. Open data needs to be taken as seriously as open source software

6. Importance of capturing and managing real-time data”


AI Vendor Research: Wacul

Vendor: Wacul
Headquarters: Tokyo Japan
Key Product: AI Analyst
Connect Wacul AI Analyst to your Google Analytics
Receive complete AI analysis on site improvements and conversion recommendations based on your data
No charge for setup and requires less than one minute

The service has tiered pricing, with the cheapest premium version coming in at about US$350. Techinasia.com
Articles about Wacul:
JapanKnowledge, FeedForce, Pasona, GMO Cloud, ICOM, Expert

Hirofumi Otsu, President & CEO
Yui Kakiuchi, CMO

Book-Off Online conversion rate up over 120%
Digital Hollywood conversion rate up over 130%
White Essence conversion rate up over 200%
Eikyu-fumetsu.com conversion rate up over 300%
S-Pool Komon Haken conversion rate up over 400%
Nurse De Hatarako conversion rate up over 440%

AI Analyst by Wacul uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your Google Analytics data and provide recommendations for optimizing your site conversion rate.

Infographic: AI is not Killing Jobs

I wanted to share this infographic from Narrative Science with the title, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not Killing Jobs.” Here are a few of my favorite key data points

  • “On average organizations feel they are getting only 53% of the potential insights from their available data.” 
  • “Executives acknowledge data analytics technologies are more effective at producing problem-solving information when paired with AI”
For the full report please visit: http://www.narrativescience.com/state-of-ai

3 ways artificial intelligence is transforming e-commerce

This is a really interesting article that takes a look at the convergence of eCommerce and Ai. The author references the key implementations of: Search, Personal Shopping and Data.
– bmcgee
“Where exactly will this impact be felt? Here are three key implementations of AI that will fundamentally change the face of e-commerce, bringing it many leaps closer to its optimal impact.
1. The search glitch – Arguably the biggest limitation in the e-commerce industry today is the burden placed on the consumer to choose and then fine-tune a keyword that accurately identifies or describes the product they want…”