This AI Researcher Thinks We Have It All Wrong

  • “Luis argues is that if we can find a better way to structure the system as a whole, then the AI system should be able to reason through problems, even with very limited data.
  • Once we can stop comparing humans to artificial intelligence, Luis believes that we will see great advancements in what AI can do. He believes that AI has the power to work alongside humans to unlock knowledge and tasks that we weren’t previously able to do. The point when this happens, he doesn’t believe is that far away. We are getting closer to it every day.”

Luis Perez-Breva is an MIT professor and the faculty director of innovation teams at the MIT School or Engineering.

Why Data Annotation is the Secret to Hacking AI

Michael Goldberg, VP of Marketing at Innodata

  • “What enterprises really need as they develop their AI strategy is to integrate, clean, link, and supplement their data so they have an accurate foundation on which to build and train their machine learning algorithms.
  • “Data-related challenges are a top reason (our) clients have halted or canceled artificial-intelligence projects,” said IBM’s senior vice president of cloud and cognitive software, Arvind Krishna,
  • 80% of AI project time is currently spent on data preparation.

Interview: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on AI, the cloud and the bank’s big bet on Seattle tech

  • “Jamie Dimon spoke with GeekWire via phone about the future of artificial intelligence in the financial sector; what he has learned from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; and what made him change his mind about the cloud.
  • Jamie Dimon: The cloud and AI are real, huge, powerful and they’re going to change a lot for us.
  • if you’re a developer, you’re going to see the stuff you do immediately affecting 50 million households. We move $6 trillion a day around the world.
  • Cheaper, better, faster, integrated. AI will be part of the journey. The easiest parts are obviously risk, fraud, underwriting. AI will be enormous. It will be enormous for idea generation.”

AI Stats News: Chatbots Lead To 80% Sales Decline, Satisfied Customers And Fewer Employees

This post from Gil Press is a gold mine of AI data from reputable sources for your next business case.

  • “A disclosure of chatbot identity before the machine–customer conversation reduces purchase rates by more than 79.7%
  • chatbots are four times more effective at selling products than inexperienced workers
  • TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. hasn’t needed to hire any new human agents since it began offering text- and voice-based chatbots to clients in 2017
  • Progressive Corp. expects to save about $5 million this year because fewer conversations require human agents
  • As of August 2019, there have been 140+ acquisitions of AI startups, putting the year on track to beat the 2018 record (166) at the current run rate”

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8 factors shaping the future of big data, machine learning and AI

“The Strata conference provides a good barometer…Eight key points emerged for me from the event.

1. 5G will stimulate the growth of ML and result in new applications and services

2. Changing skillsets for data scientists

3. The online and offline worlds are merging

4. Internal data platforms are becoming essential for growth and innovation

5. Open data needs to be taken as seriously as open source software

6. Importance of capturing and managing real-time data”