How to bring the e-commerce buying experience into the store | ZDNet

  • “AI adoption in sales has shot up in recent years — 21% adoption in 2018 versus 37% adoption of AI in 2020. The number one use of AI in Sales is to better understand customers’ needs.
  • Sales leaders pivot for recovery and growth. Sales leaders are steering their ships towards recovery and growth in a changed world. Despite a future riddled with ambiguity, leaders are quickly adjusting strategies and implementing needed changes. Seventy-seven percent of sales leaders say their digital transformation has accelerated since 2019.“

Eron Sunando

Vice President of Commerce Cloud at Salesforce.


Chatbots Can Make as Many Sales as Humans

  • “Chatbots can match the performance of proficient human salespeople—or outperform inexperienced ones fourfold—but only when customers are unaware they are conversing with artificial intelligence.
  • They found that the customers tended to grow curt when informed upfront of the bot’s presence, and that such disclosures led to an 80% drop in sales.
  • The paper raises a moral dilemma for businesses looking to deploy chatbots.”

Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Source: Pixabay