Artificial intelligence app will use Alexa to enable people to talk to deceased relatives

Credit: Alamy
  • “Microsoft has applied for a ­patent for the app, which could operate through smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Nest.
  • It uses recordings of them to copy their style, diction, tone, voice and intent to make what they say appear to be genuine.
  • Details from their social media accounts and letters could be mixed in to add to the effect.”

ICICI Bank Publishes Alexa and Google Assistant Apps for Banking by Voice

  • “One of the largest private banks in India has launched voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. ICICI Bank’s new voice apps expand the company’s iPal AI from a pure text chatbot, allowing customers to carry out banking tasks through either voice assistant.
  • After the setup, users can ask their voice assistant for account balances or details about their credit card balance and recent transactions. As a voice speaking financial information aloud is not very secure; the answer is sent in a text message to the customer’s phone.”

ICICI Bank Publishes Alexa and Google Assistant Apps for Banking by Voice

Here’s what you didn’t know about Amazon’s Echo Frames

“Amazon announced a heap of devices this week, including five new Echo smart speakers, more Ring smart home security and new Alexa commands. But the new Echo Frames smart glasses ($180) and Echo Loop smart ring ($130) were the two that stole headlines. 

These wearable devices put Amazon’s digital Alexa assistant on your body in a way that’s different than the more expected earbuds route (though there are new Echo Buds, too, for $130 or £120). By bringing Alexa to your face and your hand, Amazon might be trying to get more personal with the little voice in the device.”