ICICI Bank Publishes Alexa and Google Assistant Apps for Banking by Voice

  • “One of the largest private banks in India has launched voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. ICICI Bank’s new voice apps expand the company’s iPal AI from a pure text chatbot, allowing customers to carry out banking tasks through either voice assistant.
  • After the setup, users can ask their voice assistant for account balances or details about their credit card balance and recent transactions. As a voice speaking financial information aloud is not very secure; the answer is sent in a text message to the customer’s phone.”

ICICI Bank Publishes Alexa and Google Assistant Apps for Banking by Voice

Here’s what you didn’t know about Amazon’s Echo Frames

“Amazon announced a heap of devices this week, including five new Echo smart speakers, more Ring smart home security and new Alexa commands. But the new Echo Frames smart glasses ($180) and Echo Loop smart ring ($130) were the two that stole headlines. 

These wearable devices put Amazon’s digital Alexa assistant on your body in a way that’s different than the more expected earbuds route (though there are new Echo Buds, too, for $130 or £120). By bringing Alexa to your face and your hand, Amazon might be trying to get more personal with the little voice in the device.”


Alexa skills top 80,000 after a big Alexa-powered holiday season

  • “Amazon had also said last month that more than 100 million Alexa devices had been sold to date, including the Echo Dot and other Echo-branded devices, along with those from third-parties.
  • Google, of course, quickly responded with a note that its Assistant AI will be on a billion devices by the end of January.
  • A new number Amazon shared yesterday was that the number of voice applications built for Alexa had now topped 80,000 worldwide. That’s up from the 70,000 skills Amazon was touting back in December.
  • The company said in November it now has more than 10,000 employees working on Alexa, as a point of reference. But it’s challenged in building up a knowledge base of questions and answers — something Google has worked on since the launch of its Knowledge Graph in 2012.”