Grand Teton experiments with ‘augmented reality’

“Walker enjoyed the faulty, arboreal ‘augmented reality’ moose courtesy of the ‘animal cam,’ a feature of the all-new Jenny Lake Explorer App. The software, still in the beta phase, is geared toward young people, providing them with a digital, interactive extension of interpretative signage and other features passed annually by the million or so annual visitors who go check out Jenny Lake. Other than seeing the computer-generated critters, the application also helps kids to identify plants and animals, identify the Teton peaks and even gear up and virtually climb the Grand.”

Here’s what a trend-analyzing A.I. thinks will be the next big thing in tech

“Virtual and augmented reality. 3D printing. Natural language processing. Deep learning. The smart home. Driverless vehicles. Biometric technology. Genetically modified organisms. Brain-computer interfaces.

These, in descending order, are the top 10 most-invested-in emerging technologies in the United States, as ranked by number of deals. If you want to get a sense of which technologies will be shaping our future in the years to come, this probably isn’t a bad starting point.”

U.S. Open AR built by Deloitte

“For the 2021 U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open, Deloitte and the United States Golf Association (USGA) have developed an innovative augmented reality (AR) experience that will allow fans to immerse themselves in the Championships like never before. Enter U.S. Open AR built by Deloitte.”

Chatbots And Beyond: Six AI Trends Reshaping The Workplace

“2020 is in full swing—and here’s how AI and machine learning are radically restructuring the way we’ll work.

1) AI will go from identifying trends to making intelligent decisions

2) Work will get faster…much faster

3) Chatbots will be your new assistant

4) AI will be seen less as a threat and more as an enabler

5) Augmented reality will actually be the reality in the next decade at work

6) More insightful predictions will be possible in coming years”