Chatbots And Beyond: Six AI Trends Reshaping The Workplace

“2020 is in full swing—and here’s how AI and machine learning are radically restructuring the way we’ll work.

1) AI will go from identifying trends to making intelligent decisions

2) Work will get faster…much faster

3) Chatbots will be your new assistant

4) AI will be seen less as a threat and more as an enabler

5) Augmented reality will actually be the reality in the next decade at work

6) More insightful predictions will be possible in coming years”

Square’s Head of AI Explains How Machine Learning Is Changing Commerce

“Q: So what’s next for you that you can tell us about?

A: There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline. I can not disclose it now, but I’ll give you a hint which is—this is a public fact—a recent acquisition of Eloquent Labs, which is a spin-off of Stanford devoted to cutting-edge conversational AI. We do think that that’s an area where we can come up with some really interesting products.”

The Augmented Consumer: How AR and AI are Changing Customer Experience and E-Commerce Guest Author

“Pinterest recently announced “Complete the Look,” which leverages rich scene context to recommend visually compatible results in Fashion and Home Decor Pins. According to the company, “Complete the Look takes context like an outfit, body type, season, indoors vs. outdoors, various pieces of furniture, and the overall aesthetics of a room, to power taste-based recommendations across visual search technology.” This is an excellent example of how computer vision can truly personalize the shopping and sharing experience online and offline.”

Apple Brings People Occlusion & Motion Capture to ARKit 3 Alongside RealityKit & RealityComposer for AR Development

Image: Apple/WWDC

  • “Apple has unveiled the latest additions to its ARKit tookit at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference
  • will enable the camera to recognize people who are present in a scene and place virtual content behind and in front of them, while the former gives apps the ability to track moving bodies.
  • RealityKit and RealityComposer appear to be the answer to that question. By shortening the learning curve, Apple will enable a larger population of developers to begin creating their own AR experiences.
  • To demonstrate ARKit 3.0, Apple brought Mojang, the publisher of Minecraft and subsidiary of Microsoft, to show off the first live demonstration of Minecraft Earth.”