AI takes center stage: AWS debuts SageMaker Studio, CodeGuru, Kendra and more

“Kicking re:Invent into high gear, Amazon Web Services Inc. today unveiled a massive array of artificial intelligence solutions spanning more than a half-dozen product categories, from code debugging to cybersecurity and contact center automation. And that’s on top of a formidable lineup of infrastructure announcements. 

SageMaker gets smarter

Amazon Augmented AI



Amazon Fraud Detector

Amazon Detective”

8 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 2020, According to Business Leaders

“Increased use of artificial intelligence

The growing popularity of AI for business shows no signs of slowing down. Jared Weitz, CEO of United Capital Source Inc., says this technology is going to step up more as a key player in the workforce.

“Careers such as research analysts, proofreaders and receptionists are slowly making an exit while AI improves,” Weitz says. “This is only going to continue and expand into other jobs while robots become more proficient.”

While AI represents a positive change in terms of efficiency and productivity, Weitz notes that it can also be viewed as negative because human capital loses value.” Leverages to Modernize Credit with AI

  • “, the open source leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, today announced that …is leveraging the automatic machine learning platform H2O Driverless AI
  • applies advances in AI derived from genomics and particle physics to provide lenders with nonlinear, dynamic models of credit risk which drastically improve payment default rates.”

“Last year, BBVA worked with a team of MIT researchers to develop a model based on machine learning algorithms that can reduce the number of false positives related to fraudulent credit card transactions by 54 percent. The new approach, known as deep feature synthesis (DFS), facilitated the extraction of more than 200 additional attributes from each transaction, which served to provide a more detailed description of the credit/debit card transaction behavior, thus improving the fraud detection engine results.”

“I want to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Where can I start?”

“How did I get started?

I stumbled across Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree.

My Self-Created AI Masters Degree

I’ve put together some of my favourite AI, machine learning and data science resources into a nice table (from the Trello board). You can see them here.

Getting a job

Nick, the CEO, Athon, lead machine learning engineer, and I went for coffee.

“How would you like to join the team?”

Sharing your work

Whether it be GitHub, Kaggle, LinkedIn or a blog, have somewhere where people can find you.

I’ve completed courses from (in order):

Daniel Bourke

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