A deep dive into Capital One’s cloud and data strategy wins

  • “‘At Capital One, we say data is the air we breathe. Companies recognize that the key to success in today’s tech-driven landscape is making use of their data. So, no pressure.’
  • ‘When you combine common tooling and centralized policy with federated ownership, you make it easy for your practitioners to do their job,’ he said. ‘You transform data from something that’s a bottleneck into something that can turbocharge and power your business.’
  • ‘Being able to create more real-time experiences around fraud detection. Being able to level up the skills of Eno, our intelligent financial assistant, has been a huge win. Reducing the amount of time it takes our analysts and scientists to find new data for new projects has been a massive time saver and a massive win. We’ve been able to onboard thousands and thousands of new real-time data streams to the platform, all via self-service thanks to these tools.’”


From Analytics First to AI First at Capital One

“Capital One is now joining the slim ranks of organizations that might be described as “AI first.” It has built up two larger machine learning teams, in its Credit Cards line of business and at the enterprise level, as well as smaller teams in other lines of business. Today, the company is applying AI and machine learning to almost every facet of our business, whether customer-facing, such as enhancing fraud protection, or for internal processes, such as improving call center operations.”


The World’s Biggest Banks Are Doubling Down On Artificial Intelligence

CTO of Bank HapoalimHAIM PINTO

“Bank Hapoalim — Israel

  • Over the summer, Bank Hapoalim participated in a $30+ million funding round for ThetaRay, a cybersecurity solution provider using AI to help financial firms detect fraud and other anomalies in banking practices.
  • After partnering with the Tel Aviv-based startup giving biometric access to bank accounts, customers won’t even need to visit a physical branch to open a new account. AnyVision utilizes AI to produce what it calls the “world’s leading recognition system” that can be used, or a variety of purposes.

Capital One — United States

  • Coming in as one of the top 50 best US financial institutions on Forbes US Best Banks list, Capital One has been beefing up its AI capabilities by prioritizing ethical AI in its systems.
  • Omar Flórez, Senior Research Manager, decided to create a comprehensive Spanish-English dictionary of AI terms, which is available on GitHub as an open source project and freely available to anyone who wants to use it or add to it.

Sberbank — Russia

  • In 2018, the Russian bank ran its “Classic AI Competition” where it invited teams from around the country to compete in using AI to compose a poem in the likeness of a specified author with 1,000,000 rubles in prizes for placing teams.”