CWB Financial Group to implement FICANEX AI-powered chatbot solution

“We are thrilled that CWB Financial Group will be the first bank to implement and take advantage of this very strategic digital channel to improve customer communications,” said Andrew Obee , President & CEO of FICANEX. “Our experience with other implementations has allowed us to create a very robust AI-powered chatbot that will enable fully automated anywhere and anytime conversations between CWB and their customers and potential customers alike,” added Mr. Obee.

Chatbots And Beyond: Six AI Trends Reshaping The Workplace

“2020 is in full swing—and here’s how AI and machine learning are radically restructuring the way we’ll work.

1) AI will go from identifying trends to making intelligent decisions

2) Work will get faster…much faster

3) Chatbots will be your new assistant

4) AI will be seen less as a threat and more as an enabler

5) Augmented reality will actually be the reality in the next decade at work

6) More insightful predictions will be possible in coming years”

Reuters creates prototype match report led by AI sports presenter

  • “Reuters and AI-focused synthetic media company Synthesia today unveiled a prototype for the world’s first automated presenter-led video sport report.
  • Victor Riparbelli, CEO and Co-founder, Synthesia, said: ‘We’re excited to partner with Reuters, one of the world’s most trusted news organisations, to demonstrate the potential of synthetic media technologies to deliver real-time, personalised news to consumers. AI-generated content will be a cornerstone of the media landscape in the coming decade and we are pleased to be at the forefront of developing new products and experience alongside industry leaders such as Reuters.'”

ServiceNow to Buy AI Chat Startup Passage AI

  • “ServiceNow has signed an agreement to acquire Passage AI, a conversational artificial intelligence platform that lets clients build chatbots in multiple languages.
  • McDermott announced he was stepping down from his role at the German software giant SAP after nine years as CEO. McDermott had been expected to remain with SAP to assist in its transition through the end of 2019, but ServiceNow announced he was beginning in his new role with that company in November 2019.”

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