TD Ameritrade Beefs Up Personalization With AI

  • “Vijay Sankaran, chief information officer at TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., is betting that artificial intelligence-powered customer service and personalization will help it stand out from competitors.
  • The Omaha, Neb.-based brokerage firm, which has about 12 million client accounts, is using AI to drive customized experiences for investors. “We want to be more of a Netflix-style or Spotify-style personalization engine for digital investing,”
  • The eight-person team is now working on an AI engine called “voice of the customer analytics,” which builds on AI-based text and voice chatbots the company launched in 2017.
  • In 2021, AI augmentation is expected to generate $2.9 trillion in business value, up from $1.6 trillion this year, according to Gartner.”

TD Ameritrade CIO Vijay Sankaran

AI Chatbots are here to transform the future of banking

  • “The first contact many customers now have with a bank is via a chatbot or digital assistant that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Accenture’s 2017 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions report on AI in the finance sector identified that the top trends were removing friction from the customer journey, and the use of big data, AI, analytics and cognitive computing.”

Bottomline Technologies Launches AI Chat For Paymode-X

“Bottomline is partnering with Drift, a conversational marketing platform, to provide businesses in North America with AI-enabled chat that offers live support for customers enrolling to be paid electronically by virtual card and ACH through Paymode-X, as well as support for those enrolling to be paid electronically by virtual card and ACH via Paymode-X. In Europe, Bottomline’s PTX customers will receive live customer support from within the solution, even during off-hours.”

Drift –

What roles will AI play this Black Friday?

  • “In 2018, Adobe Analytics revealed Black Friday achieved US$6.22 billion in online sales alone while Cyber Monday pulled in a record of US$7.9 billion from e-commerce. 
  • But several sources reveal an increase of 20 percent in conversion rate when live chats are available.
  • On Black Friday 2018, a bill titled Stopping Grinch Bots Act was passed, aiming to make illegal the use of bots to make purchases online and resell of products bought.”

5 predictions for AI’s impact on customer experience in 2020 (VB Live)

“In 2019, smart companies started investing in bot technology because it was clear that despite reservations, consumers were slowly coming around, and having the infrastructure in place now would help businesses prepare for the next step in customer service technology.”