How Artificial Intelligence Is Leaving Baseball Fans A Lot More Satisfied

  • “Thanks to a vendor called Satisfi Labs, we’ll soon know just as much about those who attend games as Brad Pitt (playing Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane) and his staff learn about their players in the 2011 hit film.
  • “Because our product can track conversations that fans have with the assistant, we’ve found that people ask for simple things in a variety of ways,” White explained. “We have more than two million conversations about buying a ticket. We’ve found that there are 68 unique ways that people ask where the nearest bathroom is.”

Satisfi –

From Ohio’s “baby bot” to driver’s ed in Delaware: How states are using AI

  • “State governments are eyeing a wide range of use cases for AI-powered tools, a new survey shows, but they face major hurdles like legacy IT, siloed data and a lack of ethical guidelines.
  • Nearly nine out of 10 states are using or have some planned use for AI, according to the survey published Tuesday by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)
  • Chatbots have proven to be a logical starting point for state governments, given they’re easy to deploy and typically focused on single tasks.
  • Ohio is rolling out a “Baby Bot” to enroll infants in medical coverage. The bot is part of the state’s larger effort to address its higher-than-average infant mortality rate within African American communities.”

Jio’s Video Bot Assistant: Features To Look Out For

“Increasing demand for Business Process Automation (BPA) through the use of AI and software robots is considered to be the key growth-driving factor for the market. In 2017, global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market size was valued at $357.5 Mn and is expected to register at a compounded annual growth rate of 31.1% over 2018-2025, according to a market research report.

Mashreq Bank partners with Avaya, Koopid for AI-enabled banking

“The new system, which will act as a visual and conversational virtual assistant, will enable Mashreq customers to access banking services and complete service requests almost entirely through an AI-powered ‘agent’, Mashreq said. The ‘chatbot agent’ will be able to verify customers, complete transactions, and sign up for new services on the customer’s behalf – from anywhere and through any device. The service will be immediately responsive, offering instant service and will be available 24×7.”


Chatbots Can Make as Many Sales as Humans

  • “Chatbots can match the performance of proficient human salespeople—or outperform inexperienced ones fourfold—but only when customers are unaware they are conversing with artificial intelligence.
  • They found that the customers tended to grow curt when informed upfront of the bot’s presence, and that such disclosures led to an 80% drop in sales.
  • The paper raises a moral dilemma for businesses looking to deploy chatbots.”

Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Source: Pixabay