Dable unveiled the personalized product recommendation solution ‘Karamel.ai’ at EEC 2019

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“Allan Ronny Dengah, Global Business Manager of Dable Indonesia, said “‘Karamel.ai’ is effective in increasing e-commerce sales and lowering users’ departure from the website by recommending products based on user’s interests on e-commerce websites in which users’ conversion is caused. In the case of a Korean duty-free shop, sales rose more than 7% after applying ‘Karamel.ai’. The CTR (Click Through Ratio) is more than five times higher than the ‘popular product recommendation’ on many e-commerce websites, and has reduced user departure.”



AI, Machine Learning Are Helping Retailers Spot Flaws in the Customer Experience

  • “More than a quarter (29%) of respondents said they use artificial intelligence (AI) to help streamline customer experiences, per Isobar.
  • The biggest flaws that go unnoticed are the ones that are micro-affecting conversion rates. It might only be about a 2% impact on your business—and your business typically fluctuates 5% to 10% on any given day—so these microbugs on your site can be hard to find.
  • About 25% of the issues that we have found across retailers we work with have been payment integration.”


Madrid-based Usizy serves brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike and Lacoste, among others — reducing returns, on average, by 25 percent.

  • “Citing data from Statista, the U.S. returns problem will surmount $550 billion by 2020, up 75 percent from 2015.
  • Business, companies can see on average, returns rates reduced by 25 percent, conversion rates boosted 20 percent, as well as customer loyalty lifted by 3 percent.”


Really exciting times in the Indian e-commerce market

“Narvar is India’s first enterprise platform for post-purchase customer experience in the e-commerce sector. As an enterprise-grade customer engagement platform, Narvar enables seamless post-purchase experiences that retain and engage customers from cart to doorstep. Here Sunil Rajguru talks to Founder & CEO Amit Sharma to find out more about the company and the Indian e-commerce market.”


Amit Sharma


Narvar – https://corp.narvar.com

Nike Plans to Get More Personal With Customers by Acquiring AI Startup

“Celect was founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professors Devavrat Shah and Vivek Farias in 2013, and has helped many retailers “optimize inventory” through data collection and machine learning. According to its website, past clients include Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand and Aldo, among other major retail brands.”


Devavrat Shah