Amazon Vs. Brick And Mortar: Why The Future Of Retail Is Omnichannel

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  • “Over 8,400 retail stores across the United States closed in 2020.
  • ‘There’s a sort of misconception that e-commerce growth means the end of the store, that e-commerce essentially eliminates the need for the store, both for retailers and for customers…And the reality is, it doesn’t.’
  • But customer preferences are evolving, and COVID-19 sped up that process. If retailers want to survive in the world of tomorrow, they will need to embrace the innovations of an omnichannel strategy.”

New Study: Twice as Many People Plan to Watch the Super Bowl Alone This Year

– “8 percent of people plan to attend a virtual party while twice as many people plan to watch alone this year compared to past years.

– 21 percent of people plan to wear loungewear/pajamas, the same percentage as fans who will still wear fan gear. 6 percent of people plan to wear underwear/nothing at all.

– People expect to spend less on the Super Bowl this year with those spending between $100 and $500 falling 7 percent from last year.

– While the Super Bowl won’t have the same fanfare, COVID-19 hasn’t tamped down excitement with people just as excited for this year’s game as previous years.

– The Super Bowl ranks as Americans’ third most popular holiday. The December holidays and Thanksgiving are the two most popular holidays for Americans.”

New Study: Twice as Many People Plan to Watch the Super Bowl Alone This Year

Why A Robust Ecommerce Strategy Is A Must Today

“By 2020, in fact, the India internet economy is projected to grow to $250 Bn, backed mostly by ecommerce which is set to clock a record growth rate of 51%. And, IBEF predicts that India is likely to overtake the US to become the second-largest ecommerce market (behind China) by 2034.”

Outsell Your Biggest Competitors With These eCommerce Trends [2021]

“In fact, one recent Shopify study that looked at this expedited growth found that during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 10 years’-worth of eCommerce growth happened in just 90 days. Yes, you read correctly: in just 90 days.”