E-Commerce Looks Strong, But We Need To Examine Its Key Vulnerability

  • “If e-commerce is the future of retail, we’re going to need to fortify the shipping channels we rely on.
  • “When something goes wrong with delivery, the customer usually has no recourse. The freight forwarder often passes the buck, and it’s impossible to tell who exactly is responsible for what went wrong.”
  • 64.3% of respondents said cost was the most important factor when it comes to shipping, followed by 18.7% who cited speed as the most important.”


Robotics firm brings smart fulfillment to ecommerce

“Berkshire Grey’s platform goes beyond a robot and a gripper to incorporate computer vision. The addition of machine learning enables it to evaluate past tasks and improve them if needed: If a robot picks something without a good grab, the platform can identify the problem and resolve it in real time. “Our system will let it go, reset quickly and then repick it,” Blair says.”



  • “Nearly 350 AI-powered bots – monikered Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) – help operators process ‘4,500 shipments an hour at twice the speed and with 99.9% accuracy’.
  • India is one of the fastest-growing markets for e-commerce in the world. Buoyed by affordable smartphones, deeper penetration of internet and high consumption growth, this market is set to grow and exceed $100 billion by 2022.”

“Amazon’s fulfilment network comprises a variety of building types and sizes. Each of these is set up like a Manhattan-style grid and houses 1-4 million bins on the order of 10 million packages.”

Inside Flipkart’s AI-Powered Bots

5 lessons learned from a Black Friday customer experience fail

“HubSpot research found that 80% of consumers would stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience.

Here are 5 key lessons ecommerce retailers can learn from Retailer B’s mistakes to ensure that they have a solid customer experience strategy in place for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Don’t skimp on infrastructure
    Optimise the user experience
    Take a long, hard look at order fulfillment
    Prepare customer service staff
    Make automation your friend”