Implications of AI for the Restaurant Industry – Ross Dawson

  • “WIthin a decade, it could be possible for an individual to approach a drive-through in an autonomous vehicle, order through an AI-powered voice ordering assistant, and eat food that was prepared by robots.
  • An AI will be able to analyze data about foods, beverages, ingredients, chemical compounds, techniques, and tastes in order to develop new recipes, foods, and beverages.”

Here’s Why Taco Bell Added Artificial Intelligence Technology To Its Mobile App

  • “Artificial intelligence was identified by a number of restaurant tech providers as a top trend for 2020 and, so far, those predictions seem pretty spot on. 
  • Taco Bell is making its case for AI, announcing a broader partnership with Certona
  • Through the technology, machine learning derives the most relevant menu items for app users and also pushes promotions and content based on an individual customer’s behavior.
  • Last week, Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson told the National Retail Federation Show crowd about the company’s Deep Brew (AI) technology, calling it a “key part” of Starbucks’ future.”

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McDonald’s AI Drive-Thrus May Be Too Smart For Their Own Good

  • “One of the chain’s more intriguing new experiments with the use of cutting edge tech involves applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the drive-thru experience.
  • McDonald’s has been testing a solution that recognizes the license plate of a customer in the drive-thru and uses that information to provide AI-based recommendations of menu items
  • ‘There is a fine line between personalization and creepy and only consumers can define for themselves where that line exists,'”

McDonald’s Claims First ‘Voice Apply’ Process

“Russell said that in the near future, job seekers will be able to ask a voice-activated device to find, for example, any marketing jobs within a certain ZIP code posted in the last 24 hours on Indeed. The tool will rattle off the jobs by title, and the person will able to choose which job postings to listen to before telling the device to shoot over a LinkedIn profile or upload a resume stored in the cloud.”

Deep Dive: How Artificial Intelligence Makes QSRs Smarter

  • “The most visible AI integration is voice-recognition systems, which have been deployed restaurants like Starbucks, Domino’s and Dunkin’. Chipotle also recently implemented AI-based voice-activated food ordering, which it plans to introduce to all 2,500 of its locations by the end of 2019.
  • Not only did this make customers happier, but it also let the QSR process more orders per hour — a key metric for drive-thrus. Studies have found that up to 70 percent of fast food orders come from drive-thrus, so every second counts.”